4 Ways to Better Health, Safety & Budgets – Facility Flooring

Locate residential contractors - Forums - Helpful Links - . It’s clear that the right facility flooring can make a significant difference in occupants’ safety and health — and in your budget ..More

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Proper Concrete Floor Slab Construction for Ideal Coating Conditions

Search and locate emergency contractors - Blog - Ask A Question - . When planning a protective floor finish installation, educated managers understand that high performance resinous flooring depends on a healthy, structurally sound concrete slab underneath. Taking the time to investigate the history and condition of an existing slab or to work closely with a specifier on designing a new concrete pour can make all the difference. Reinforcement bars, grids or the like should be clearly specified as to material type and placement. Inclusion of a functioning vapor barrier under slab-on-grade concrete, local construction regulations, and other critical considerations should be outlined by a licensed architect or engineer. Mixing proportions of the concrete will vary according to the demands of the environment, including water-to-cementitious materials ratio (w/cm), incorporation of aggregate or admixtures, as well as other parameters. Next, consider the strength of the concrete ..More

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Fight the Elements with Cold Temperature Epoxy Flooring

Find certified contractors - Service Tech Blog Pages - . Though all solvent-free MMAs exude a strong odor during their very brief cure time, air management by experienced installers handles this easily. FloroCryl can be installed as a decorative quartz, chip or solid colored floor in a matter of hours, even in very cold conditions. They have good chemical and wear resistance and possess the unique characteristic of being extremely convenient to recoat after just a thorough cleaning – no mechanical preparation is needed. FloroCryl Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) floors provide a satin to matte finish, are light-stable and can be installed in temperatures well below freezing, making them ideal for cold storage facilities ..More

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Installing Urethane Mortar Flooring Over Plywood

Directory listing of professional contractors - Local Blogspot - Many experienced contractors can judge a floor’s deflection by walking around on it. /sq. For example, the maximum deflection for a joist span of 15′ is [15 * 12] / 720 = 1/4″. , plus any long-term deflection due to the weight of the floor. ft. However, to calculate a specific value, divide the total span of the floor joists (in inches) by 720 to determine the maximum amount the floor can give in the middle under a live load of 300 lb. ..More

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Reliable & Cost-Effective Solutions for Correctional Facility Flooring

List Of master contractors - Faqs - Message Board - Providing adequate personal space, using natural lighting, outdoor views, and other visual stimulation, as well as allowing inmates to have some amount of individual control over their environment can encourage calm and cooperative behavior more conducive to effective rehabilitation, as well as enhanced staff safety. ..More

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