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Locate Nearby emergency contractors - Home Service Blogs - All of these floor coverings provide pockets of dark, dank space between their undersides and the concrete surface—perfect environments for mold proliferation. Microbes, including bacteria, viruses and mold, among others, love to grow in dark, wet, absorbent or hidden environments. The long-term benefits of antimicrobial resinous flooring come at a relatively low installed price. It is also completely bonded to the concrete flooring surface, disallowing for microbes to breed on the floor’s underside. Floor tile with porous grout, vinyl sheet goods installed with crack-prone heat-welded seams, and of course, carpeting, can be a great place for undesirable microbes to set up shop. But, knowing that these safeguards are in place is priceless. The traffic surfaces are completely impervious and are even available with additional anti-microbial protection throughout the depth of the coating system for added assurance. To help avoid the risks to occupant health, as well as potential mold remediation costs, resinous flooring once again offers the smart solution. Fluid-applied, resinous flooring is seamless with no grout lines or heat-welds. ..More

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Installing Urethane Mortar Flooring Over Plywood

Popular nationwide licensed contractors - Technician Blogs - /sq. Many experienced contractors can judge a floor’s deflection by walking around on it. For example, the maximum deflection for a joist span of 15′ is [15 * 12] / 720 = 1/4″. However, to calculate a specific value, divide the total span of the floor joists (in inches) by 720 to determine the maximum amount the floor can give in the middle under a live load of 300 lb. ft. , plus any long-term deflection due to the weight of the floor. ..More

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Most Cost-Effective Supermarket and Grocery Store Flooring

Listings Of technicians - Ask And Expert - DIY Help Center - In the past, there were few options for flooring in supermarkets, market-halls, grocery stores and other food shopping venues. . But as the years went on, it became necessary to replace individual tiles, resulting in a mismatched look and a difficult surface to keep clean. Typically, flooring consisted of small vinyl tiles, which looked fine in the beginning. That’s when the world of epoxy floor coating systems stepped in. Obviously, a food supplier cannot display flooring that is anything less than pristine ..More

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Reliable & Cost-Effective Solutions for Correctional Facility Flooring

Directory Listing Of industrial contractors - Repair, Service, Maintenance Forums - Providing adequate personal space, using natural lighting, outdoor views, and other visual stimulation, as well as allowing inmates to have some amount of individual control over their environment can encourage calm and cooperative behavior more conducive to effective rehabilitation, as well as enhanced staff safety. ..More

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Key Considerations for Epoxy Flooring System Specification

Local emergency contractors - DIY Message Board - Before applying any type of coating, experienced professional installers know it is imperative to repair any damage and properly prepare the concrete. . When it comes to opening the pores of the concrete surface to best receive the primer, mechanical preparation methods often yield the best results. This applies to both new and existing concrete and help will ensure a long-lasting finish. Shot-blasting (forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against the concrete surface under high pressure) and diamond grinding (removing a thin surface layer using closely-spaced diamond saw blades) are two typical methods ..More

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