Proper Concrete Floor Slab Construction for Ideal Coating Conditions

Listings Of professional contractors - Service Contractor Forums - . First, consider the preparation requirements, including the materials being used for the concrete slab base and sub-base, as well as the thickness of the concrete. Decisions regarding the composition of these layers must take the anticipated floor loads into consideration—will the concrete need to stand up to ongoing traffic from heavy machinery, severe impact from dropped loads or other punishing conditions? The base, sub-base and even the slab thickness may need to be altered to help ensure that the concrete will be capable of performing as needed ..More

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Installing Urethane Mortar Flooring Over Plywood

Search and locate master contractors - Residential Service Forums - . Turning panels perpendicular to joists and not aligning joints with joists (pg. Adding another layer of plywood can reduce deflection and curvature of the sheathing between joists. In extreme cases, additional joists may need to be put in place. Take care to stagger the joints and gap the panels 1/8″ on each edge. 23 of DITRA Handbook) can also help ..More

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Most Cost-Effective Supermarket and Grocery Store Flooring

Find best 10 industrial contractors - Talk To An Expert - Support Services & Forum Pages - . Grocery stores, market-halls and similar facilities attract a high number of customers on a daily basis. In these high-traffic, high-volume facilities, it is essential to install flooring that is attractive to customers, safe, hygienic, and easy to clean and maintain ..More

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Concrete Flooring — What Experts Know that You Don’t . . . Yet

Directory Listing Of emergency contractors - Let's Talk - Forum Pages - Having a good overview of these health and safety factors allows you to “talk high performance flooring” more intelligently with specialty contractors and manufacturers, and informs your decision-making as never before. ..More

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Well-Selected Concrete Coatings for Vehicle Maintenance Areas

Listings Of commercial contractors - Repair & Service Guide - When safety and visibility are a concern, reflective coatings are an ideal solution for working under hoisted vehicles. . Instead of soaking into the slab, these dangerous substances instead remain on the surface of the impermeable high performance concrete coating, where they can be effectively removed, resulting in a safer, slip-resistant surface. These types of coatings can also guard against leaked fluids and solvents such as motor oil, antifreeze, grease, fuels, as well as leaked battery acid and other toxins ..More

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