Installing Urethane Mortar Flooring Over Plywood

21 Best master contractors - Service Tech Blog Forums - 1/2″ concrete board may be used. You will need an exterior grade or better. Interior-grade plywood and particleboard are not considered a strong enough for a FloroCrete installation. ..More

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Advantages of Cementitious Urethane Over Common Quarry Tile

Find best 10 emergency contractors - FAQs - Message Board - Quarry tile tends to be a very brittle material. The primary culprit is the three-step installation system of leveling bed, tile and porous grout. Grouted joints easily accumulate grime, water runoff and bacteria. Under impact, tile can crack, come loose or dislodge entirely. . They are very difficult to clean, even with the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals ..More

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4 Ways to Better Health, Safety & Budgets – Facility Flooring

21 Best master contractors - Pro Blogs Faq Pages - Another contributor to poor IAQ is excessive dust. High levels of concrete dust in the room can clog and overtax air filtration systems and other electrical equipment, causing them to work harder and utilize more energy. It can help safeguard equipment and personnel, while simultaneously contributing to lower energy use and utility costs. Concrete dust particles floating in the facility environment can even shorten the life of an HVAC system and other expensive machinery. Bare, unsealed concrete floors are a unique culprit in this regard, since typical use causes “concrete dusting” — the release of fine particulate into the air from the floor surface. . Coating bare concrete floors with a durable, high performance system can be a value-based, long-term solution that alleviates “concrete dusting” ..More

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Concrete Flooring — What Experts Know that You Don’t . . . Yet

Listings Of contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - These three easy tips can help keep you on top of the floor coating innovations and minimize the need for pre-purchase investigations later. ..More

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Well-Selected Concrete Coatings for Vehicle Maintenance Areas

21 Best technicians - Service Consultant Forums - Hazardous liquids can easily penetrate porous, uncoated concrete. If left for an extended period of time, these materials can potentially soak through the concrete slab and leach into the surrounding environment. ..More

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