4 Ways to Better Health, Safety & Budgets – Facility Flooring

Local commercial contractors - Talk To An Expert - DIY Message Board - It’s hard to come up with a more litigious issue. Concern over potential slip-and-fall events is never far from any Facility Manager’s mind. Rubber mats are messy, can slide around and simply aren’t useful in certain situations. Only fluid-applied resinous flooring allows for complete customization of slip-resistance – lighter in one area, heavier where it’s needed. It’s an ideal way to help improve facility safety, and reduce slip/trip incidents. Slick tile, sheet goods and even carpeted surfaces offer a single, fixed level of slip-resistance throughout the floor space. . Polished or stained concrete, as well as marble and other natural stone floors, offer little or no non-skid options. And yet, slippery floor coverings continue to be sold and installed in facilities of all types. What might work in the middle of the room can be extremely dangerous near an entryway, where wet weather can compromise traction ..More

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