Forum Title: Are Any Floating Floors Rated for Weight Distribution?
Mostly talking about the strength of the locking mechanism. But this also relates to the ability of a floor to move without unlocking. I remember ALLOC with the aluminum locking mechanism used to have verbage on this. I have never read about anyone elses. I've had some heavy weight items sitting on floors with no issues. Recently I've noticed on some inspections the floating plank hinges (buldges) up and gaps when heavy weight items are on them.
Category: Flooring Post By: SCOTT F (Colorado Springs, CO), 02/21/2019

this issue is often addressed when the question of whether the cabinets go in before the laminate or after is presented----yet noone ever asks in reference to really heavy items--aka 800 lb monkey fridge---my suspicion is that manufactors leave this unaddressed on purpose since being asked why they would make a floor that you couldnt put a stove or fridge on is a conversation they would like to avoid

- DEBORAH CLARK (Yuma, AZ), 04/20/2019

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